The Cloud/Sec Advantage
The BlueNET Advantage
Reducing Security Budget, Burden and Risk

The Cloud/Sec Advantage

Cloud/Sec, a comprehensive, robust and complete perimeter security solution, replaces an organization’s legacy security infrastructure. Cloud/Sec delivers a new approach to security, eliminating the expense, burden and ineffectiveness of legacy approaches and security tools.

Operating between 25% to 80% accuracy–depending on the tool–the current legacy approach to security is expensive, resource intensive and ineffective. Legacy approaches to security require stringing together a number of security devices such as Firewalls, Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Proxies, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, URL Filtering and more to defend and protect technology assets. When you take into consideration the necessary support, subscriptions and implementations, collecting and aggregating the logs from these devices to make sense of trends or forensics, it becomes prohibitively expensive to purchase and operate these tools. This leads organizations to choose between expensive and complex tools or the less expensive and more dangerous assumption of risk.

Bat Blue developed Cloud/Sec as a solution to address these issues. The Cloud/Sec service delivers security in-the-cloud, which eliminates the burdens of product ownership and support costs. It can support all of an organization’s sites and can deliver management of security through a single, easy to manage interface for all sites and remote users. Cloud/Sec’s next generation approach first identifies specific applications and presents this information in an easy to understand manner. It identifies unique individual applications and offers visibility and enforcement around them. Once an application is identified, controls can easily be implemented to allow specific applications and block others, as desired.

Cloud/Sec provides a single, simple to manage interface for all of the client’s security functions. All the decision support data they need to identify a communication and get all associated pertinent data (including application, source user/system, destination user/system, category and threat), along with detailed analytics describing the application and its behavior is included. Pre-canned compliance reports come standard with Cloud/Sec and you can also customize your own reports for executive-level review or for the more technical security analyst. These automated reports are delivered in a variety of ways to the organization.

The Cloud/Sec service is supported by our 24/7/365 [s]NOC. Having sophisticated controls for the security of your enterprise is only part of the Cloud/Sec value. Cloud/Sec also includes around-the-clock support of your environment and analysis of your logs. The [s]NOC support provides customers with a security analyst to help make sense of activities and behaviors on their network. If your organization does not have a security analyst on staff today, Cloud/Sec provides this critical personnel for your organization. Bat Blue’s NOC services have a 98% Customer Satisfaction rating; we operate as an extension of your IT staff and share our customer’s sense of urgency around their business.

Cloud/Sec provides the same robust security to all sites, be it users at the organization’s headquarters, road warriors or home users. All users can benefit from Cloud/Sec’s controls around access, application, identity, as well as its VPN, and incredible threat management features. Cloud/Sec, by virtue of eliminating all hardware, software, support and subscriptions, can save clients up to 50% compared to the legacy security approach.

The BlueNET Advantage

Bat Blue’s next generation, high speed, low latency IP network, BlueNET, has been designed as a cloud-enablement network that takes a radically different approach to transporting data. Bat Blue leverages several design differentiators that set it apart from other provider networks, allowing BlueNET to deliver significantly better performance and resiliency. Furthermore, unlike legacy Internet Service Providers, BlueNET is unencumbered by “network clutter” created by years of acquisitions, poor routing decisions or latency issues created by conversions from SONET to Ethernet to other Layer 2 transport media. BlueNET is purpose-built for organizations that demand high-performance IP and Internet services to support rich media and cloud services.

Reducing Security Budget, Burden and Risk

Organizations are struggling between the challenges of managing a multitude of security tools that are ultimately ineffective or managing risk. There is a new approach that allows organizations to reduce their IT security budget, increase their capabilities and minimize the burden on their IT staff. Babak Pasdar, Bat Blue’s President and CEO speaks on this topic.


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